Tool for Building Energy Performance Scenarios

This tool enables you to interactively engage with modelled data for three possible energy mitigation scenarios for the building sector, globally and per region, by 2050.

Scenario Analysis

Generate charts and tables selecting final energy use for water heating, space heating & cooling, climate conditions, scenarios and building types.


Input Data

Explore the data behind assumptions used in the model. Feel free to download the data, use it for your own work and share it.



  Learn more about the calculation and the methodology behind the model. Get more information about the scenarios.


Data API

Quick start guide for developers to access and use the Global Buildings Performance Network Linked Open Data (LOD).


To facilitate a rapid transition to sustainable energy in the building sector, GBPN supports a deep path of ambitious policy actions based on the deep energy scenario in which state of the art in both new and existing buildings become the norm in only ten years from now. With this tool you can find out where the world could be in terms of building energy use by 2050 under several scenarios, depending on the ambitiousness of policy decisions and technology choices.

To conduct your own analysis click on the Scenario Analysis button above. Use the interactive map below to get an overview of the total thermal energy use per region for Deep and Moderate Efficiency scenarios.



Data collection and analysis performed by the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP), Central European University.



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