Peter Graham

Peter Graham

Executive Director

The building sector is a cornerstone of national economies, a major consumer of energy and source of GHG emissions. It must therefore become the foundation for sustainable development. The GBPN harvests and shares best practices in building policies from around the world in order to accelerate the market and policy transformation required to achieve this goal.

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Peter Graham博士一直担任联合国环境规划署可持续建筑与气候行动计划的技术顾问,同时担任过该计划的协调官。在任职联合国期间他制定并管理UNEP有关建筑行业的很多关键项目以及出版物。在他加入GBPN前,他在澳大利亚悉尼市新南威尔士大学担任建筑与设计系主任。在这些工作中,Peter同政府、民间团体和私营企业合作紧密,共同支持全球可持续性建筑行业的发展。


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